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Sojitz Corporation (Japanese: 双日株式会社, Hepburn: Sōjitsu Kabushiki-gaisha) is a sogo shosha (general trading company) based in Tokyo, Japan. It is engaged in a wide range of businesses globally, including buying, selling, importing, and exporting goods, manufacturing and selling products, providing services, and planning and coordinating projects, in Japan and overseas.

An employee lists the disadvantages of working at Sojitz on, - Pyramidal hierarchy at Sojitz is very difficult to climb. Result very often not rewarded but seniority and time spent in the company without performing is - No CRM for Sales Rep. Everything on Excel - internal informatic system stopped in 2004 (very old) - Lot of form, little of substance - lack of constant communication with Asian suppliers - Japan first, then the rest of the world - Time management for Sales Reps who are actually supposed to be more outside then indoor - Career path very slow - Very low commission bonus rate based on the year and not month by month"


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Manager (Former Employee) says

"Well payment but very domestic and promotion depends on your age not your capability and potential. Very slow and time consuming internal investment decision process."

NIKE ACCOUNT ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"It was a fast paced busy job. We printed out our invoices every morning and processed them within a three day period., We mailed out our completed invoices once a week on Friday unless requested otherwise. We scanned and emailed our invoices also when requested.Got to work with foreign countriesemployees not too friendly people didnt stay long"

Assistant Manager - Energy&Minerals (Former Employee) says

"Despite being an MNC the management understands the work / life balance importance. They give you ample opportunities but being typical Japanese company they don't allow decision making.Good work / life balanceNo power to take any decision"

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